Turning a boat into a home....

How do you do this? One box at a time.

Today is the day that we accept delivery of our palette of 'stuff" that we packed from our house and shipped up to Mackay.

The final part of the delivery is today where we use marina trolleys to transport each carton down to the boat and then find a place for it in one of the many compartments that we have prepped.

This could be Tetris - expert level!!!

We've placed black plastic matting at the base of each major compartment to reduce slippage while under sail and have "named" all the compartments to try to help our communication long term when searching for items.

The "tool shed" for example is the stern starboard cabin under bed storage.

The "laundry" is the 1st compartment under the table seats in the kitchen/dining room area - or saloon.

Hopefully as we get used to these terms we can stop staring at each other in confusion and thinking which of the 17 places on the boat could that be in???

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