What the Camera doesn't see.....

If you’ve watched any of our Adventures it will come as no surprise that we film a lot. A LOT. Most of our Adventures last about 12-15 minutes, as we figure that is the general attention span of most of our friends (haha).

For those 15 minutes we record somewhere between 2 and 4 hours of raw footage – sometimes more if there is a lot of underwater action happening.

It takes about 12 hours of editing to put the whole thing together – why you ask – well besides hopefully entertaining a few people it is our way of recording our Adventure.

But that is not what this Blog is about.

What the Camera doesn’t see is about literally those moments that we can’t or don’t catch on camera.

So, to start with – those that we literally can’t film

1) a massive tuna jumping in arcs around the boat that hit its head on the underside of the dinghy

2) while watching a squid frenzy on the back of the boat a squid leapt out of the water, concussing its head on Jamie’s leg and scaring the ink out if itself (and the sh@t out of Jamie)!

3) Watching phosphorescence in the water on a moonless night (that amazing phenomenon of iridescent creatures in the water), flowing past the boat looking like stars in the sky

4) The stars – without any towns or artificial light near us the stars are incredible, mind-blowing and impossible to catch on camera

5) The kindness of complete strangers (locals) who, without even being able to speak the same language, have gone to extraordinary lengths to help us (find places, carry things, buy things)

6) The extremely deep and lifelong friendships that we have made so far with the most surprising of people (other cruisers).

7) The personal pride of accomplishment that we feel having sailed safely to another country, another continent, another ocean and recently another hemisphere.

8) How fucking hot it is and how slippery we become because we are sweating soooooo much

9) What it feels like to sleep basting in your own juices…..

10) How itchy our heat rashes are!

11) Just how many places in the boat my hair ends up.

12) How rough and dangerous the seas get (the camera flattens out all the waves)

13) A massive fish jumping vertically 4m out of the water right next to where I was stand up paddle boarding

14) How an earthquake feels from inside a boat

15) The roar of waves and water when you are sailing at night and trying to sleep

16) The utter joy of sharing an amazing experience with a friend or family member, (or teaching a grandchild to snorkel)

17) The crushing sleep deprivation involved in a 10 day passage

18) The breathtaking beauty of a vertical wall of coral underwater (a Go Pro just can film that wide)

And those that we don’t film due to circumstance (it’s dangerous) or mood;

1) The inevitable tears that flow when you reach the end of your psychological tether

2) How scared you are when the weather turns and all you can do is hold on for dear life and hope that you don’t die

3) The sadness we feel when guests leave

4) How hard it is to be away from family when bad things happen (or good things for that matter)

5) How quickly good weather turns bad, and the drama involved in getting a sail down to make the boat safe or moving the boat to a different anchorage as our anchor is dragging in a massive storm and about to crash into (jetty, rocks, reef another boat)!!!

6) How isolating it is when you spend weeks or months without seeing another boat

7) The frustration of learning language after language only to have to leave that country and start all over again

8) The length of time it takes to grocery shop - 2 full days in most cases. You need to find where to good shops are, translate everything, buy, carry, dinghy and then wash and put away.

9) The mind numbing beauracry of immigration, harbour masters, quarrantine and customs officers

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