When life gets in the way of life!

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Thanks for that John Steinbeck! Couldn’t be truer at the moment.

Our routine return to home to see friends and family turned tumultuous on the very first day home.

Massive personal dramas (not to be included here – and not related to Jamie and I’s relationship with each other), and a lot of work challenges plus a work colleagues health issues that we believe will require our ongoing support. At least in the short term!

All the crises have multiple unknowns and it has been impossible to set criteria to help us make any decisions.

Option 1

Do we return to the boat and continue sailing and leave work to muddle along, ignore helping family and friends and potentially affecting our long-term financial security (so not our style)?

Option 2

Do we return to the boat, spend 4-6 weeks seeing Borneo (Kalimantan) and then move the boat to Malaysia where we can leave the boat indefinitely, safely and relatively cheaply in a well-constructed 1st world marina? And then return home for 3 months or so to assist during the health crisis, but not necessarily ensure longer term financial goals.

Option 3

Do we do option 2, but extend our stay home to allow Jamie to further build his business and to allow me to work again, which will also mean we will move back into our house. This is of course the most conservative and sensible option, but feels like a big step backwards.

Some days all we do is obsessively go over all the unknown factors and unknown outcomes for the various options. Many of the issues relate to medical outcomes, work related time frames and potential government changes to regulations (banking royal commission).

Sensible people would of course have kept of working 2 years ago and not thrown in 2 successful careers. But for a variety of reasons we went with the ‘Carpe Deim’ approach. We could do it, so we should. We knew that there were many variables that would affect our long-term income and we knew it was possible that we would have to go back to work AT SOME POINT!!

We both wanted to have these experiences while we were healthy (and young – questionable I know) enough to enjoy it. It is somewhat ironic then that other people’s health issues are forcing us home.

As with many things in life we have learnt a lot about ourselves during this crazy unpredictable time. We don’t cope well with uncertainty. We have found that it has not been the issues that have been most stressful, nor the fact that we may be sacrificing this crazy adventurous life we have been living. The uncertainty is what has been driving us crazy.

At some point we had to take out all the unknowns and then just decide.

The conservative decision, covers of all the unknowns, but takes away (a least in the short term) our life on Lukim Yu.

Crazily we are going with option 2…. It’s a compromise between the best and worst scenario and allows us to potentially extend for a longer stay at home if the situation calls for it. As an added bonus it gives us more precious time with our family and friends.

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