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Coconut Roti


1 cup shredded (dried) or freshly grated coconut

1 cup plain or self raising flour

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp oil (coconut, vegetable, etc)

extra oil for cooking


Combine all above ingredients together with your hands until the mixture comes together. It shouldn't be too wet or too dry. Once all combined cover with some of the extra oil and leave to rest for 30 mins or so.


Once ready to cook, break off small balls and squish them out into rounds - be rustic it doesn't really matter, and fry on a hot grill until nicely browned. You can fry these in a small amount of hot oil if you wish, both methods work well.


If you are being particularly fancy you can deep fry them, my dad used to do this but only as a special treat.

Makes about 6-8 depending on the size of the balls that you roll out.

These freeze really well and can be reheated in the oven or in a toaster

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