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Heading down the East Coast of Australia

January 1st to March ? 2018

We officially moved onto Lukim Yu on December 31st after a teary and long farewell in Adelaide. Our pallet of "home" arrived on the 2nd of January and we got busy unpacking and turning the boat into our home. We were on a bit of a deadline as our eldest son Jake, his fiance Karlee and 2 of our grandchildren Dom and Ava were arriving the next day for a 1 week holiday.

We needed to unpack, sort and repack quickly and efficiently. Progress was actually great and we were all sorted in about 3 hours (we had thought it would take a few days). We still had plenty of space left, however over the following few weeks we would start to fill up these empty spaces with spares and more tools. We would also unpack and repurpose a few hatches to make living easier.

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