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Lady Musgrave and Lady Elliott

March 2018

As we continue down the coast we decide to drop into Lady Musgrave and Lady Elliott, not really 'on the way' but close enough. Lady Musgrave is an absolute delight and the lagoon is fantastically protected. We have absolutely jagged some phenomenal weather and as we cruise into the lagoon past turtles and sharks and look into the crystal clear water I remember again why we do this.

Too often we get caught up in boat maintenance and repairs and forget the sheer pleasure of cruising and snorkelling. We haven't yet picked up our new diving gear (Coffs Harbour) however the snorkelling is great, so clear and an abundance of fish and marine life greet us as we slip into the water.

At sunset we head into the island (now deserted by the day boats and other cruisers and wander around). What an unusual and slightly creepy island. I can help but think that Alfred Hitchcock would have happily filmed birds here as they swoop constantly around our heads (it is a bird and turtle sanctuary). The forrest itself has been picked clean of foliage down low and birds peer curiously as we walk through.

It soon becomes apparent what the birds eat other than fish as we walk past dozens of empty turtle eggs that look like table tennis balls scattered down the beach. As we head back to the boat we pondered tomorrows activities. We had previously expected to stay a few days at Lady Musgrave and skip Lady Elliott as the anchorage at Lady Elliott is deep and very rolly, but a quick check of the weather gives us the inspiration to plan for a very early departure and have a day stop over at Lady Elliott with a 1 am departure to head into Bundaberg.

Our sail to Lady Elliott is phenomonal, 4-5 meter swell that rolls gently under the boat as we sail downwind, dolphins leaping out of waves and clear blue skies. As we pull alongside the reef at lLady Elliott we start leaping up and down MANTA RAYS swimming alongside the boat. 

We anchor and after a very quick bite to eat slip into the water taking turns staying in the dinghy and spend ages swimming with these gentle and shy animals. Neither of us can stop grinning. What a day......

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