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For me, life has always been about more than the destination. 

The daughter of a (part) Sri Lankan mother and Dutch father, growing up and working in a Sri Lankan Restaurant, it was always going to be about the combination of food, wine, places and people (and diving of course). 

Food and wine entwine with places and people to enhance everything.

Some of my most memorable places are so because of the food or wine. The amazing pizza on Lake Como, the baguette in Paris, the rice hoppers in Sri Lanka (you get the idea).

Likewise the most exquisite places can be brought down to mundane by plain or pedestrian food.

Many boaties blog about some pretty awful food, and from what I read lack creativity. Jamie and I have been "playing" the boat food game now for many years. It involves cooking a meal only from items you can find in the cupboard. We have had a few notable disasters, surprisingly spam turkey green curry was not one of them. 

I will share on here all the successes and disasters (no doubt there will be a few)

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