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July-Sept 2018

We enter Vanuatu by the southern island of Tanna at Port Resolution. Port Resolution is the southern most (and conveniently closest to New Caledonia) port that you can check in at (officially). Check in doesn't go exactly as planned but after a day or two of organisation we are fully checked in except for bio security which we shall do at Port Vila.

Port Resolution is a beautiful bay surrounded by volcanic vents spewing steam into the air - oh, did I not mention we are anchored right next to a very VERY active volcano - Mt Yasur

For a the complete picture of a visit to an active volcano -watch our you tube video here (words just will not do it justice)

Volcano Rim Walking! Adventure 39

From Port Resolution we start to make our way north through the island of Erromango and then Port Vila. We are accompanied by our new friends on Aquilon 3

In Erromango (Dillon's Bay) we visit skull caves and the local village, repair a satellite dish and attempt a repair on a sawmill.

We are then asked by the local tour guide (David) if we could take a few passengers to Port Vila with us as there is an urgent dental appointment required.

See our time in Erromango here;

Speaking with the dead! Adventure 40

What starts out as 2 passengers ends up as 4. Although we are happy to help, the enormity of the responsibility hits us overnight. We are now legally responsible for these 4 people (whose names we don't really know). It's not the smoothest of passages and there is a fair amount of vomiting occurring. We are delighted when we can offload all 4 safely at first light (after requesting permission from the authorities in Port Vila).

Biosecurity is sorted fairly quickly and we opt to take up a mooring buoy (it's quite a deep anchorage) and then a position med moored onto the local wharf. Its fairly cheap and super convenient for reprovisioning. In Port Vila we are having 2 sets of visitors and this wharf will make it super convenient for collection. 

Port Vila itself is a delightful town, still in development, but the rejuvenation of the foreshore is coming along really well, and there is now a delightful boardwalk along most of the town.

The fresh food market is a real treat, and I am delighted again to find amazing fresh herbs.

The best supermarket is Au Bon Marche of which there are many, but the biggest and best is by far the one to the right of Yachting World Wharf - about a 5 minute walk (uphill).

Taxis and buses are aplenty and we really enjoy this town.

With our groups of visitors we enjoy Havannah Bays many anchorages and also Mele Bay anchorage near Hideaway Island.

Plane Crash! Adventure 41

The fire show at The Beach Bar is a real treat and not to be missed.

We set fire to the rain! Adventure 42

From Port Vila we head north to the diving mecca that is Espirito Santo (Luganville) and meet up again with our friends on Aquilon. We also meet a new boat Waterhorse who will become great friends once we hit the Solomon Islands, PNG and Indonesia.

With Aquilon and Waterhorse we explore the Blue Holes and dive the President Coolidge and Million Dollar Point.

See my blog on diving the President Coolidge for more detail

Deep diving on the President Coolidge

And also Adventures 43-48 which cover the Blue Holes and all our dives!

This was a truely epic few weeks!!!

Shipwrecked in Vanuatu! Adventure 43

Flying into Blue Holes! Adventure 44

Diving into Vanuatu! Adventure 45

Encounter with The Lady! Adventure 46

Trapped in a Wreck! Adventure 47

Out of Air! Adventure 48

We eventually leave Vanuatu via the northern port of Sola (in the Banks Islands) and head off to the Santa Cruz Islands and check in at Nendo Island at a lovely small town call Lata.

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