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Roast Pumpkin and Cashew Dip


5 thick slices of pumpkin cut into wedges, no skin

2 tbsp cumin seed

1/2 garlic head, cloves separated, skin on bases cut off

1 cup unsalted raw cashews

1 cup grated parmesan cheese

2 tbsps chopped coriander root

salt and pepper to taste

1 whole chilli *(optional)


Toss pumpkin chunks, garlic cloves, cashews (whole chilli if using) in a drizzle of olive oil and cumin seeds. Spread out on an oven tray and bake for about 30 minutes at 180-200. Watch closely for the first 10 minutes as you will need to pull out the cashews once they brown. At the 20 minute mark take out the garlic cloves and chilli, continue to cook the pumpkin until golden and soft.

While baking grate the parmesan cheese.

Chop the nuts either manually or in a spice grinder, set to the side.

With a stick blender puree the pumpkin, garlic, chilli until smooth.

Season to taste and allow to cool.

Once cool stir through the cashews and parmesan.

If you like a smoother dip add the cashews while still blending.

Left overs store for up to 1 week in a clean jar in the fridge

Never buy a dip again!!!

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