Salami Caponata on toast

As weird as this sounds (and yes it was using up random ingredients, it was bloody tasty!!


Serves 2


1 small eggplant (cubed)

2 large garlic clove

juice 1/2 lemon

olive oil

8 slices of salami or pepperoni (bacon or ham would work also)

2 small tomato (seeds out chopped)

1 tsp cummin

4 slices of bread 

salt and pepper to taste


Toss cubed eggplant in salt and leave for a few minutes to sweat,

Fry salami until crispy and then drain on absorbent paper.

Leave salami oil in pan and fry eggplant cubes until brown - you may need more olive oil as eggplants suck up a lot of oil

Toss in 1 clove of minced garlic near the end.

Remove eggplant and fry tomato

Add tomato to eggplant, squeeze over fresh lemon juice, cummin, salt and pepper to taste.

Once salami is cool chop into small pieces

Toast bread and brush one side with olive oil and then rub whole peeled garlic clove over the oiled surface (this leaves a lovely garlic taste tot he toast).

Top with eggplant/tomato mix and then sprinkle on salami